How it works

Simply scan, take and charge. Return it anywhere when done

1. Download and install the Power Buddy app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Create your Power Buddy user account inside our app with just a few minutes.

3. Click START on the app and scan QR code on one of our portable charger hubs.

4. Take a fully charged portable charger and enjoy! USB-C, Lightning & micro USB supported.


Pay as you go and prepaid packages to suit your needs

Start charging for FREE

Promotional offer: Enjoy 20 minutes of free charging everyday!

After using up your free minutes, you will be billed according to our Pay as you go plan or minutes will be deducted from your existing prepaid package.

Pay as you go

$1/ hour
  • As simple as it gets
  • Charged by the hour
  • Default plan after free charging

300 minutes

  • 5 hours of use
  • Charged by the minute
  • Minutes do not expire

720 minutes

  • 12 hours of use
  • Charged by the minute
  • Minutes do not expire

1680 minutes

  • 28 hours of use
  • Charged by the minute
  • Minutes do not expire

Who this is for

90% of smartphone users suffer low battery anxiety

Students who spend the majority of their days on campus

Gamers who need uninterrupted power to stay in the game

Professionals who rely on mobile devices to do business

The rest of us who just want to share and stay connected

“I love the idea of being able to grab a charger from the coffee shop across my office, charge my phone during my commute, and return it at my destination. I want to see this on every corner of the city!”

Justin Lee - Power Buddy beta tester

Location partnerships

Host a Power Buddy machine and put your property on the map
Happy Patrons

Keep people happy

We want to help you keep your guests happy and make their visits memorable. Whether they’re meeting with clients, studying for exams or simply socialising with friends; Power Buddy is here to keep them charged up.

More Traffic

Get more traffic

Power Buddy app puts your business on the user’s front page. Users can find you easily by viewing the “near me” map function. All our partner locations are listed on our directory; with a dedicated page for your business.

Zero Cost

Absolutely no cost

Whether it’s providing the next level of customer care or putting your business in front of new eyes, it doesn’t cost you anything. Power Buddy hub is free to lease. We take care of the installation, on-boarding, and maintenance.

Our Machines

Two sizes tailored made to fit your type of business
Power Buddy Hub

Power Buddy Hub

Up to 10 batteries
Perfect for restaurants, cafes, and offices

Power Buddy Station

Power Buddy Station

Up to 24 batteries
Perfect for malls, public locations, and events

Let’s Work Together

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