Power Buddy is Vancouver’s portable charger / power bank sharing service. We bring a new level of convenience and freedom to mobile users.

It’s the afternoon and you look at your phone, there’s only 15% battery life remaining. You have plans for the night and can’t afford to have your phone go dead. Sounds like a familiar situation, right?

Worry no more! Power Buddy partners with local businesses, schools, shopping malls and events to bring you portable chargers whenever and wherever you need them. Just look for a Power Buddy hub at your favourite location, grab a portable charger and off you go.

Don’t see a Power Buddy hub at your favourite business? Please let them know to contact us and we will be happy to work something out with them!


It was another late night, John (Founder and CEO), Jeff (Director of Business Development), and Ron (Co-Founder and COO) were hanging out and looking and their phones. When John’s phone battery was running low, he asked around for a charger. And as the story goes, no one had one. The conversation moved to the direction of the convenience of portable chargers… and then the light bulb moment.

Through months of planning, a business model was made and a company was formed. A prototype was then made and an app developed. And now we present you Power Buddy Technology Inc.


As technology becomes ever so integrated in our lives, we aim to bring a new level of convenience for charging our devices no matter where we are.

  1. Build the largest portable battery charger sharing platform in Canada and provide the highest level of convenience to mobile users across the country
  2. Decrease battery waste by extending the useful life of mobile phones and eliminate the need for people to purchase their own portable chargers
  3. Deliver results for our business partners by connecting them with new audiences and providing them with an interactive way to get their messages out