Power Buddy chargers are free to use 20 minutes each day. After the free minutes are used, regular rental charges are applied. $1 per hour of use, charged at the beginning of the hours. You can also purchase prepaid minute packages.

Power Buddy provides 20 minutes of free charging each to all users. However if you go over the free minutes, regular rental charges of $1 per hour will be applied, up to the pre-authorized amount of $30.

You will have to pre-authorize a $30 charge through the Power Buddy App at the beginning of every rental. However payment will not go through until after you have either returned the charger or have gone over 30 hours of use.

We take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. WeChat Pay, Alipay and PayPal coming soon.

All refund inquiries should be directed to
You can also click the Contact Us icon in the App.

Power Buddy Hubs & Stations

If you see damages or issues with one of our Hubs or Stations, simply click the Contact Us icon in the App and let us know. You can also let us know at

If this occurs contact us immediately via the Contact Us tab in the App or

Within the “Places” tab on the app, you can see how many available return slots are available for each location that is near you.

Portable Chargers

Our chargers come with built-in Micro-USB, USB Type-C, and Apple Lightning cables, giving you the flexibility and convenience to charge all kinds of modern devices.

Our chargers provide a 5V/ 2A output. Since each device has its own battery capacity and input voltage, the time it takes to charge can vary greatly.

Most modern phones have a 3500 to 4000mAh battery. Our chargers have 5000mAh batteries, giving you more than enough for a full charge.

You can certainly use your phone while charging. But please keep in mind batteries can get warm while under high load.

Our portable chargers were designed with an industry standard 5V/2A output, which is safe to use for any device.

Our chargers are equipped with the cables to work with all modern tablets. Keep in mind that tablets usually have bigger batteries than phones, and the power usage of a tablet is higher.

Our chargers are not meant to be sold individually. However if you choose to keep one of our chargers, you will be charged the full $30 pre-authorised payment.

If you choose to keep the charger or it is lost during your rental session, you will be charged the full $30 pre-authorised payment.